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October 17, 2020

Get Bright is about strengthening communities
When you sign up you'll also receive a special gift for your family & friends!
A Day of Special Classes for Wellness & Energy
Bring your family and friends to experience 5 inspiring sessions, led by expert Brain Education and Energy Training Guides!
Session 1
Activate Your Lower Chakras with Tai Chi & Qigong
8-9:10am (PT)  /  11am-12:10pm (ET)

Learn about the importance of the Root (1) and Sacral (2) chakras as the source of physical power and vitality, strength and healthy water up/fire down energy circulation. Learn the signs of weak or overactive lower chakra energy and their relationship with fear, anxiety and fatigue.

Trainer: Johnathan Martinez

Session 2
Transform Emotion and Connect with Your Middle Chakras
10-11:10am (PT)  /  1-2:10pm (ET)

Take a journey through your Solar Plexus (3), Heart (4), and Throat (5) chakras, energy centers of your emotional life. Learn to recognize the signs of weak or overactive middle chakras, and practice some simple exercises to balance your energy. You can learn to transform the powerful energy of emotions into a source of hope and healing for yourself and your relationships with others.

Trainer: Michelle Chin Chin Gavin

Session 3
Awaken the Unlimited Creative Power of Your Upper Chakras
12-1:10pm (PT)  /  3-4:10pm (ET)

Learn the significance of the 3rd Eye (6) and Crown (7) chakras, important gateways to the world of intuitive wisdom and creative brain power. Develop an awareness of weak or overactive energy in the upper chakras. Clear your mind of external distractions and brighten your upper chakras with pineal gland energy meditation.

Trainer: Hongik

Session 4
Immunity for your Mind, Body and Spirit
2-3:10pm (PT)  /  5-6:10pm (ET)

If you're interested in authentic wellness and making the most of your natural healing power, you won't want to miss this session. Learn how to maximize your healing energy by setting goals and training your body, mind, and spirit. Upgrade your life using what you've learned about chakras.

Trainer: Alejandro Rivas

Session 5
Immunity for Society: Creating a Healthy, Happy, Harmonious World
4-5:10pm (PT)  /  7-8:10pm (ET)

Now that you've experienced the power of chakras to upgrade your life, take your goals further and change your world. We are not separate from the world around us. Learn how your change affects the world; visualize and meditate on what actions you'll take to make your dreams into reality, for yourself and others.

Trainer: MinJae Kim

Let’s Get Bright together!

To help promote a healthy community, with every paid registration you will receive 10 free admissions to share with your family & friends.

Details will be in the confirmation email after purchase.


Registration closed on 10/16 at 11:00 (ET)  |  8:00 (PT)

*A recording of the event will also be available for 30 days after.

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